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The grab function allows a Player to move an object that is not an Item, and cannot be picked up.

  • Requires a free hand and to use the Grab key.
  • If the target is an Item, it will be picked up instead.
  • If the target is an object and it can be moved, a token will be placed in the hand, representing what has been grabbed, it can be passed to another hand.
  • The object will attempt to remain directly in front of the player, the grab will break if it cannot maintain position.

Grabbing an object

Useful to move around objects that are too large/heavy to be picked up normally. If the object is unmoveable, it will root the player in place, which can be useful in case of emergency

Grabbing a player

When grabbing a player, it can be moved like any other object.

Grab tiers

Restrained or unconcious players cannot resist and so are the only ones that cannot ever break free of grabs.

At each grab tier, a tap on the drop key will loosen the grab strength one level.


  • Anyone can be grabbed this way and it carries no strength or power. Useful to pull people out of harm's way.
  • Holding the grab key (filling bar?) allows to upgrade to a strong grab.

This grab can be broken by:

  • Moving away from the grabber.
  • Resist key.


  • This grab prevents the grabber and his victim from moving, they are both locked in "look mode".
  • The grabber can access his victim's inventory, dress/undress them, put items in the victim's hands and empty his pockets.
  • This grab is harder to get out of and requires an STR/STA check to escape from it.
  • Holding the grab key (filling bar?) allows to upgrade to a destructive grab.
  • The victim can also be forced into a specific position by the grabber in this mode: stance up, stance down, turn around.
  • This grab is required for Sex.


A destructive grab allows to physically damage the body part that is being grabbed, such as breaking neck, breaking arm, fingers, toes, etc...

  • Once the grab has been upgraded to this point, a simple tap on the Grab key will execute the action.
  • The second hand has to be free to perform a destructive grab.