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Ideally all computers should run (or pretend to run) some kind of terminal emulator.

Something like PETSCII 40x30? (If compressed to the maximum, one screen worth of data without control characters is 9600bits)

"Computer mode" locks out all standard controls with the exception of mouselook and is activated by using the left mouse button in help Intent on a computer (proximity check, you have to be inside the same tile as the computer?).

To get out of computer mode you hit right click.

Alternatively i could have it so "looking" at a computer while being close enough would automatically unhook your keys until you looked away...

Sync wise, it might be better to handle it on a "per line" basis to fully take advantage of the partial updates on SyncLists, since we can add lines one by one, remove, insert and update lines. Then as long as computers make line updates (kind of an issue with histograms since that would be collumns...) it should be really quick and efficient.